Ballatore Divisione Impianti

 The plant division for the design, construction, overhauling of machines 

fornace Ballatore Divisione Impianti

Design, construction, overhauling of machines 

The company Fornace Ballatore holds two divisions: Fornace Ballatore, for the production of high prestige face bricks;
Fornace Ballatore Divisione Impianti, the plant division for the design, construction, overhauling of machines and installations to: feed, grind, roll, mix, convey, draw, dry, bake. More specifically for the production of terracotta bricks, bricks and roof tiles. These machines are also used in other areas:  – clay preparation for the production of pots and artistic terracotta items;  – production of ceramics;  – processing of aggregates, quarries, mines, bituminous conglomerates, concrete;  – processing of gardening soil, humus, compost;  – production of pellet;  – recycling of industrial and civil waste;  – clay processing;  – sludge disposal;- processing in the field of ecology;  – flaking, maize rolling

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